Friday, November 7, 2014

The Grounds by the Sea

Long time no blog!!!

Heres a quick post on The Grounds pop-up store for Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi :)

Located in Marks Park, the centre of all sculptures, it is an easy and convenient location for all sculpture visitors. Especially since there are very few eateries along the coastal walk where the sculptures are displayed. 

Entrance (don't miss it~)


The menu is not very big which is to be expected as it is a pop-up store and considering the fast paced environment. However, it does offer something for everyone, from breakfast, lunch, all day items and various smoothies and drinks.

Tropical Flair: watermelon, pineapple, apple, lime and ginger ($8.50)

The juice and smoothies are a little on the pricier end but definitely worth the buy, it was sweet and refreshing and perfect for the hot beach weather. Also, it's presented in a cute and fun way so you can eat the fruits as well. The only down side is the paper straw, cute, but got soggy really quickly.

Latitude 34 Lamb Salad: Moroccan spiced lamb, couscous, rocket, mint, yoghurt and almonds ($14)

A salad doesn't sound like something you'll usually have at the beach, it it had me at couscous haha. For $14 this was well worth the price because there was SOOO much meat. I actually don't remember there being any mint in it, instead there were little sultanas which complemented really well so I didn't miss the mint. The lamb was very tender, though not very "moroccan spiced" and the yoghurt did worked well as a dressing pulling the salad together. The whole dish was a little to the sweet side considering the sultanas and the fact that the yoghurt they used tasted like sweet yoghurt as oppose to the usual sour greek yoghurt people put in savoury dishes. However I didn't mind, I love a little bit of sweetness in my food and they did a good job balancing the flavour :)

With only two days left to go hurry and make your way there! If not for the food then drop by for a refreshing juice to cool you down from the heat. They also do fresh sugar cane juice~~

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