Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brewtown Newtown (Newtown)

Brewtown, famous for their coffee and cronuts, a pastry which is a cross between a croissant and a donut invented by Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York. With a slightly old warehouse feel, the atmosphere of this cafe was hipster, lively, relaxing and friendly. Despite this, I cannot say our experience was wonderful. It was a very busy day at the cafe so when we got there we had to stand around outside to wait. The waiter eventually forgot about us but luckily we went up to check so we finally got a table.

The baristas



Not too much to say about the coffee other than the fact that it was pretty good. One of the things I would come back for :)

Cold brew coffee on daft

 Crispy fried blue eye cod with spinach, chorizo and house cut chunky chips

On to the food, this dish did not come out as I expected, for some reason I was expecting a piece of pan fried crispy skin cod with fresh green looking spinach and crispy crunchy chorizo, maybe it was the description "crispy".... so I was looking forward to a clean and fresh looking dish. However, what came out was battered deep fried cod which was not "crispy" as the description says, nor was it crunchy as the batter of a good piece of fried fish should be. The fish was well over cooked and dry and the potato chips were soggy. The chorizo was cooked with the spinach which was broken down and appeared to have a sauce/pesto like consistency. 

Blackboard special: Blood sausage, scrambled eggs and rocket baguette (or something along the lines...)

I do not eat blood sausage but from the feedback I heard this was really good~

Cronuts: cinnamon (front)/ glazed (back)

There has been a hype about these cronuts so I have been very eager to try them, however, I must say they are over rated. Flavour wise it tasted pretty much like a cinnamon or a glazed donut but by deep frying the croissant-donut, the layers of pastries were left very heavy, dense and greasy leaving a coat of oil on my fingers every time I picked it up.

Poached chicken salad with quinoa, roasted cauliflower, pistachio, zucchini ribbons

After the slight mess up with the tables and waiting there was a bigger mess up with the orders. The salad and cured ocean trout came out long after we have finished the fish and blood sausage. We kept waiting and waiting for about an hour, all this time they kept bringing us the fish and the blood sausage which we already got. Anyhow, we at last got the last two dishes placed on our table. The salad was definitely a healthier option, especially after the cronuts and it was yum! 

Beetroot cured ocean trout, avocado smash, rye sour dough toast, dill, Persian feta and beetroot relish

Lastly the cured trout which is a breakfast item on the menu. Wasn't an amazing dish but wasn't too bad either. The elements on the dish complimented each other well, the only down side was the trout could have done with more curing.

Overall not the best service, but great coffee! With the food, it really depends on what you pick, some dishes worked out pretty well but others were a hit or miss. If you are interested in the cronuts don't hesitate to give it a try, though I personally didn't enjoy the cronut there were some of us who did :)

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