Friday, September 26, 2014

The Grumpy Barista, Petersham

The cronut craze is still going strong in Sydney, and one of the ultimate cronut destinations is none other than this charming little cafe in Petersham, called The Grumpy Barista. I'm loving the quirky name, especially since the staff appeared to be the total opposite of grumpy - they were all smiles and the service was warm and friendly, despite it getting a little busy at times. Unfortunately, they were sold out of cronuts on our first visit, which was only around 1.30!! Not sure why they don't make another batch for the hungry afternoon cronut crowd, but I guess having such a limited number does makes them all the more desirable. It definitely got us returning a second time, just to try out the highly anticipated cronuts!

They have few outdoor seats, which is nice for soaking up a bit of sun, although it can get a little chilly during winter particularly on windy days.

With the word 'barista' in their name, it seems to suggest they are pretty serious about their coffee, and indeed you can expect a good cup of coffee here. Definitely nice to have something warm and pleasant to drink whilst waiting for your food to come. 

Now onto the food!

Sicilian eggplant stack with melted bocconcini and homemade 
Italian tomato sugo ($11.00)

This dish is great if you are a lover of eggplants. The flesh was soft and silky, yet still firm enough to form a photogenic pyramid stack. The rich flavour of the tomato sugo was complemented well by the chunks of bocconcini cheese.

Chilli kicked salami, bocconcini, artichoke, baby rocket 
on long ciabatta panino ($9.50)

This panino was fresh and well-balanced. The bread was just the right texture, soft and slightly chewy. The strong chilli flavour of the salami was balanced with the mild and earthy taste of the artichoke and light creaminess of the bocconcini cheese. 

Italian hotpot // Baked eggs, mushroom, onion, homemade mild 
chilli tomato sugo ($13.50 + add chorizo for $2)

This Italian hotpot was a classic combination of tomato, mushroom and onion and the flavour was rich and saucy. The baked eggs and chorizo gave the dish some much appreciated texture and protein, with the spiciness of the chorizo giving the dish an extra kick. Warm and hearty!


2nd visit (for the cronuts!)

Raspberry jam cronut with rose petals ($5.00)

Nutella-injected chocolate cronut and crushed Oreos ($5.00)

And now, the ever photogenic cronuts! Yes they are as delicious as they look. The pastry was light and crispy and not too oily. Nutella and Oreo crumbs are always a reliable option for chocolate fans and was brought to another level with the rich custard filling. Soooo decadent, but so good. The sweet tangy taste of the berry jam, the hint of rose and the creaminess of the custard are also a terrific combination.

The counter with the pastry cabinet

Cute decor

Cronut cabinet

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