Saturday, July 19, 2014

Devon Cafe, July (Surry Hills)

So, we are back at Devon! This place has become one of our regulars whenever we need guaranteed good food and once again it did not fail to deliver. After this visit, I can say that we have tried more than half the item on their winter menu.

Since we have been here so many times I'll just skip straight to the food. To read more about Devon and other items on their menu check out our previous posts (Post one and Post two).

Lamb Sandwich: slow roasted lamb with garlic confit, roasted capsicum, cheddar and spinach served with chips and aioli 

The first item on the FF table was the lamb sandwich and looking at the description, there's no way you can go wrong with this. Between two golden brown slices of toasted bread was the perfect sandwich filling as every bite you get a mouthful of tender lamb, subtle flavour of garlic, sweet roast capsicum, a sharpness and saltiness from the oozy melted cheddar and let's not forget the spinach (though we are FF we still encourage eating greens :P).

KJI Chicken Burger: Korean fried chicken in a brioche bun with gojujang and peanut sauce, brussel sprout and kimchi slaw served with chips and aioli

The second item on our table was the KJI chicken burger which the majority of us ordered. In the little brioche bun you get a very generous and massive piece of fried chicken which was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The gojujang (Korean chili paste) and kimchi are elements in this dish that gave us subtle Korean flavours and surprisingly with mix of peanuts (and most possibly other stuff) in the gojujang the sauce was more nutty and sweet rather than spicy and was delicious with the chicken. Though it was a satisfying feed and an item I was eager to try out my number one preference will still go to the eggs blini (highly recommend!). However, the KJI chicken burger is definitely an interesting and unique fusion of flavours that is worth a try.

That's the end of our most recent Devon post, and there will probably be more to come in the future. Hopefully next time it will be on their newly launched dinner menu :)

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