Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stix Desserts (Surry Hills)

Stix dessert which opened only a few months ago has been popping up on instagram recently and looking at all the photos made us eager to try this place out. So when we got the chance we headed to Crown street in Surry Hills to hunt this place down. 
The concept of their ice cream is that you pick a flavour, then you can have it dipped in a chocolate of your choice (white, milk, dark) and coated in a topping. The small selection of toppings were a little disappointing but the choices of flavour for the ice creams was amazing and left me feeling indecisive. On different days they have different flavours and the options range from refreshing non-dairy sorbets to creamier alternatives, they also have GF for those that can't take gluten :) Luckily you get to try before you buy~

All the flavours looking colourful~

In the end we settled for the hazelnut coffee ice cream and blood orange sorbet. The hazelnut coffee was sweet, creamy and nutty with the hazelnut flavour coming through stronger while the coffee was hardly noticeable, however I was happy with it being just hazelnut and loved it. The salted pretzel (yes pretzels and ice cream!) was really nice with the dark chocolate adding a crunch and slight saltiness which cuts through the sweetness. For those who prefer something lighter and refreshing the sweet and tangy blood orange sorbet is highly recommended. 

Hazelnut Coffee dipped and drizzled in dark chocolate topped with pretzels/Blood Orange Sorbet with peanuts and drizzled dark chocolate

Overall a fun and creative way to enjoy ice cream which serves great as a simple after lunch dessert or just for whenever you have a sweet tooth or crave ice cream :)

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