Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Choc Pot (Burwood)

The Choc Pot is a cute little chocolate cafe only 5 minutes walk from the station on Railway Parade. It's a convenient location but a little random and easy to miss as the store is quite small and is on the quiet side of the street (side across woollies and other stores) next to an empty patch of ground that is waiting to be brought and constructed on. The interior was nicely furnished with white, yellow and timber theme and the environment and staff were very friendly. However the seating area is not very large (though they do have a few tables outside) and quite cramped so it is a place more suitable for smaller groups.

Behind the counter we could see a shelf displaying their wide selection of teas in beautiful glass jars all with label (adorable!), many of them sweet or fruit based which goes very well with the rich chocolate desserts and a nice touch to the menu is that they would put a list of recommended teas to go with that dessert. Even though we just picked which ever tea appealed to us it's nice to know and have that suggestion if we are ever indecisive about our teas. 

 Pouring the Mango Sencha

For those who like a stronger flavour of tea I definitely recommend the mango sencha. The mango fragrance is very prominent as we could smell the aroma around as soon as we opened the lid of the tea pot. Slightly sweet from the mango flavour with a hint of bitterness from the green tea, it really help cut through the richness of the chocolate desserts. On the contrary,  the lime and coconut sencha is more subtle in the flavour and mild in taste which was quite refreshing.

 Lime and Coconut Sencha

First their signature molten choc pot, this was AMAZINGGGG! It came out steaming hot and the sight of the melted chocolate dripping down the side makes you just want to dig right into it. The texture was soft and moist and oozy and the good thing was the fondant itself wasn't overly sweet so it complimented well with the chocolate sauce. The hot fondant would have gone well with an ice cream but unfortunately that does not come with the dessert and you need to pay an extra $2.50 which would be a little expensive considering the price of the fondant is quite high. Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed it and did not miss the ice cream, definitely a must try!

 The Molten Choc Pot

The second item we had was the pannacotta which was smooth and creamy (as the description described it) and was everything a good pannacotta should be. Flavourwise it was more of a vanilla flavour rather than white chocolate. The tangy pineapple and mint salsa was a nice contrast to the rich pannacotta and balanced out the sweetness, however I personally did not like the combination of the pannacotta with pineapple that much.

White Choc Pannacotta Splice: smooth and creamy white chocolate pannacotta with a refreshing pinapple and mint salsa

In conclusion it was a very enjoyable experience and we will definitely be back to try more! Very eager to try their chocolate souffle as well as some of their chocolate drinks~

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