Thursday, January 10, 2013

Encasa Deli, Sydney CBD

So firstly, Encasa Deli is literally a deli (or delicatessen) .... I know, this is something that should seem obvious to most people, but for some reason, I thought "Deli" was a name (not actually thinking deli referred to the noun "deli" which are those stores and also section of the supermarket which sells processed meat, pickled vegetables, cheese etc.).

I had never dined in a deli before, so this was a novel but pleasant experience for me. Basically they had their front counter section to one side, with a large fridge displaying their cold deli items and sausages dangling down from above. Towards the back of the store, were shelves lined with long-life items such as cans of vegetables, jars of pickles, sauces etc.

The front counter, where you can order your food and purchase the deli items

The shop's quirky furniture also made for a memorable experience as well, with funky tables shaped like a barrel (or maybe it's the other way, they got some barrels and decided to use them as tables, who knows~).

Awesome barrel tables :D

Ok, so all the stuff about store decoration aside, and onto the food!

Bocadillos: PORTUGUES and CHORIZO ($7.50 - $8.50), plus the fresh juices
So the main offerings of this deli (in terms of the dine-in food) are the bocadillos, which are basically Spanish baguettes. I ordered the PORTUGUES, which was grilled Portuguese chicken served with rocket salad, tomato and aioli sauce. It was a safe choice, but safe is good, because it was just so delicious - the chicken was tender and seasoned very nicely, and was complemented well by the salad and aioli. The bread was also a winner - crispy and warm, and soft on the inside, it was a pleasure to eat and enhanced the simple yet very flavoursome filling.

CHORIZO bocadillos 
My dining companions ordered the CHORIZO (grilled spanish sausage, roast capsicum, spanish onion and aioli), and I can't remember or really tell what the third bocadillos is ... I believe it was one of the special menu items for the day, but I can't remember what its main ingredient/protein item is. But nevertheless, both of them thoroughly enjoyed their bocadillos, murmuring their satisfaction as they munched through their food, which I must add, was very generous (the bread was big, and with ample, good quality filling).

Mixed berries fresh juice (~$5.00)
I really wanted to like this fresh juice, which was sort of like a berry fruit crush. However, it was quite bland, with the flavour of the berries tasting quite diluted, and a twing of sourness which was not all that pleasant. Not sure if it was just on this occasion, due to the person who made it, or due to the quality of the fresh fruit they used. Anyway, belatedly, I heard the coffee that they sell here is quite good, so maybe that would be the better drink option for next time.


Encasa Deli
135 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9283 4277

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