Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 - Food blog comeback!

Hello everyone!

I know this food blog has been a litttttttle inactive over the past year, but I assure you, we Hobos haven't died of hunger just yet! 

We have continued to have food adventures in 2012, but unfortunately haven't really had the time to blog about them. However, we did continue to take lovely photos of what we ate, so we will proceed to post those pictures up and write short posts based on what we remember of the food and our dining experience. 

Also, one of our fellow Hobos, Coral-Ma, has gone on a student exchange trip to Tokyo, Japan! Hopefully she will be posting about her international eating adventures on this blog as well :)

New food posts from 2013 will be posted too, so be sure to check back here regularly!

Happy eating!

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  1. Thanks! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you've reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.