Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fish Market Cafe, Pyrmont

Our first food adventure of 2013 involved a trip to the renowned Sydney Fish Market! We hopped onto a tram at Central Station and were met with a crowd of people at our destination - but it was the good kind of crowd, one which made the market feel lively and bursting with energy. We chose to eat at the Fish Market Cafe, drawn in by the delicious and extensive display of cooked seafood.

The impressive array of ready-to-eat seafood at the Fish Market Cafe.

There were 3 of us, and we settled on a 'Seafood Platter for 2' ($28) and also grabbed a box of sashimi ($12) from a nearby fresh seafood retailer. The sashimi tasted very fresh, with the right balance of softness and firmness, and it was good to alternate between that and the seafood platter, which was mostly deep-fried.
Be warned, the platter for 2 was enormous, so we recommend sharing it between 3 people at least (unless the both of you are hungry males, with very big appetites). The platter contained deep fried calamaris, prawns and fish pieces all coated in batter, and while it was certainly crispy and delicious, it was no different from the fried batter you can find in your local fish n chips shop. The oyster was interesting though - one was served with a creamy, cheese layer and the other with some chopped ham mixed with a sauce that had a tomato-y taste to it. The oyster tasted fresh, and only had a very mild fishy taste, although it still had a slimy, slippery texture to it (which I'm personally not very fond of).

"Seafood Platter for 2" ($28) and a box of fresh sashimi ($12)

Overall, the platter was delicious and satisfying, although we were served the very basic seafood items. I would love to return back here and try the other cooked seafood items which this "cafe" has to offer, which definitely looked amazing in their hot food bar. 

Posing with their "chef" ;)


Fish Market Cafe
Shop 4 Waterfront Arcade, Sydney Fish Market Bank St 
Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Ph: 02 9660 4280

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