Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mary's (Newtown)

So Fat Friday finally made its way to Mary's for their infamous fried chicken! Actually we went a while ago but then realised we haven't blogged about it yet D:
Anyways, here goes! So this obscure place is not easy to find, Mary Street is one of the small streets perpendicular to the busy Kings Street and as you walk along it there's a very likely chance you'll miss the place or wonder where it is because this place doesn't have a sign nor does it have a front door that yells out "come in we're a shop!". Making our way up Mary Street, we noticed a very shady looking back door which had us questioning whether that was the place. After walking up and down the street with no luck of finding anything else that resembles a shop or pub we decided to walk in. 

Inside (upstairs)

Downstairs was the bar, kitchen and high stools and tables more suitable for drinking and socialising. As we were there purely for the chicken we were guided to a more comfortable sitting area upstairs. 


Cocktail: Don't remember its name but somewhat resembled pina-colada and tasted like pineapples

Mary's burger

Of all the burgers we opted for the Mary's burger which contained lettuce and tomato as oppose to the cheese burger, just because it makes it a little bit healthier. It wasn't a bad burger but it wasn't something special. The bun was soft and the patty meaty and juicy. The fries were crunchy and golden.

Half bird

Now for their famous chicken! I have to say, it wasn't as good as I thought it will be. However, it was still a pretty satisfying fried chicken (apart from one piece which was still slightly raw and bloody inside...). Encased in the crunchy batter/seasoning was tender juicy meat, and they were so nice as to remove as many unnecessary bones.
The piece of uncooked chicken aside, it was a pleasant experience.

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  1. love marys! next time you gotta try the mash and gravy and get a burger with the crazy awesome bacon!

    1. I've heard some good things about the mash and gravy! Will take your advice and get some of that bacon with the burger next time :)