Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hilton Hotel Sydney: Glass Brasserie

It's been a while since every one of our fellow Fat Friday-ians were able to join together for a meal and this time we were lucky enough to enjoy a buffet breakfast at the Hilton hotel for this wonderful occasion.
The Glass Brasserie is opened for breakfast from 6am to 10am Monday to Friday and 7am to 11am on the weekends. With a classy and modern interior, the feature that I really impressed me was the wine cabinets that went up to the ceiling. Even though it is high end dining the atmosphere was very comfortable and the staffs were friendly. The glass walls and windows allows enough light in (perfect lighting!!! especially for photo taking) and gives a lovely view of the city.
On to the food, now this is the type of buffet I like. There was freshly squeeze juices, a variety of fresh fruits (when I say fresh I really mean fresh, not un-canned "fresh fruits" which looks bruised and all), different flavour yoghurts, all the breakfast favourites such as sausages, eggs, old meats, cheese, mushrooms etc etc etc. I loved the potato hash, and lets not forget the pastries!! The pastries are placed in a different section away from all the other food so make sure you don't miss out on it. The donut is a must try, according to the rest of the Fat Friday-ians it was the best donut ever, soft and light, like clouds in your mouth.
For those who are interested, there is also a small menu which you can order from, though that might cost you a little extra.



City view

More food

And even more food

The pretty wine cabinets

It was a wonderful breakfast at a beautiful location with awesome people. Only regret is I didn't eat more!

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