Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Earth to Table (Bondi)

This place has been on our hit list for a while now but we never got around to it because Bondi is a bit out of our way. At last, we could no longer resist the beauty of their raw cakes. On this beautiful day we were lucky to get seated at the back which is a brighter and more opened area compared to the inside. Lots of fresh air, natural lighting (perfect for photos) and occasional view of man hanging up laundry. The whole place had a very hippie/vegan/Bondi feel to it and the decors had me snapping shots here and there while we waited for the food.

Back seating area



Table "no.": a cute little jar of plant

Drinks: Give me a high; raw cacao, espresso and almond mylk blended with ice // Special of the day; ice tea

First came the drinks we ordered, the "give me a high" which is simply a vegan iced mocha and the special of the day, some form of berry ice tea (if I remember correctly). The first thought that came to mind when I tried them was it's not sweet! I guess it's such a common thing for iced drinks to be sweetened that it really does become an obvious difference when it's missing. The iced mocha didn't taste too surprising, maybe that's the reason I liked it more because the ice tea was very different, and unusual, most likely due to the combination of mint and cinnamon flavour coming through strongly.

Breakfast item: Granola

Now, on to the food. I'm not the cereal type of person and usually I would never even consider ordering granola off the menu, however, this granola turned out pretty good. The fresh fruits were sweet and juicy, a perfect combo with the crunchy granola and I really liked the subtlety of almond milk compared to dairy milk.

Main: Swiss brown mushrooms; marinated Swiss brown mushrooms served on a sunflower seed and almond bread with braised spinach and bernaise style sauce

This mushroom dish from the "mains" section would be best described as a vegan eggs benedict. I don't know how they do it, but the mushroom was "cooked" until tender and juicy which was a contrast in texture to the "bread" which greatly resembled... bird food, a loaf of seeds compacted together. The vinaigrette was perfect with the spinach and shrooms while the creamy and nutty "hollandaise"  helped balance the tangy flavour.

Cake cabinet: So many to choose from~

Triple berry coconut

Finally! It was time for dessert. As we were eating our mains I could see tables around us polishing their cakes clean off their plates, when I had it I knew why. Who would have thought healthy desserts can taste so good! Unlike the usual cakes which might leave you feeling sick in the stomach from all the rich cream and sugar, raw cakes are able to satisfy your sugar cravings yet leave you feeling happy and guilt free. The cake was creamy and smooth but light at the same time with subtle tang and sweetness of berries and mild flavour of coconut. The base was crumbly, crunchy and delicious.

Overall, my first raw food experience was indeed an interesting one. The food was good but not amazing so I most likely won't go out of my way for it again, however, I will definitely be back for their cakes!

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