Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chez Dee (Potts Point)

WE'RE BACK!!! After a very long break. Now that exams are finally over it's time for us to keep up to date with our blogging, so stay tuned for our most recent Fat Friday adventures (as well as not so recent ones :P).

Our Friday adventure this week took us to Chez Dee Cafe at Potts Point in Kings Cross. Though we initially planned to have Ms G's but unfortunately when we got there they were closed for renovation (until dinner that night! If only we were there for dinner...) so we decided to head down to try out Chez Dee, which has been on our Fat Friday suggestion list for quite a while.

This little cafe is only around 10 minutes walk from Kings Cross station, so very convenient :) Located on Kellet Street it is actually a terrace house renovated to a cafe and with the colourful Asian/Middle Eastern/gypsy like decorations in the interior it certainly gives a very laid back and slightly exotic feel (sorry, forgot to take photos of the inside).

Anyways, on to the food. The menu consists of a range of breakfast items from muffins, muesli to the big brekkies with sausages, egg, bacon and everything else you'll want in a breakfast. Going down the list we can see the food uses mostly classic combinations such as poached eggs with ham, citrus with fennel as well as classic dishes like Nicoise salad. Their list of tea however was quite unique with different blends of florals, green teas, black teas and herbs which was definitely worth a try for the tea lovers.
After long indecisiveness we settled for the corn fritters and the beetroot salad.

 Corn Fritters with smashed avocado, lime mascarpone, bacon, cherry tomatoes and pesto.

Firstly the corn fritters, I can say it wasn't bad but was definitely not a dish that makes you go "wow, that is delicously amazing!" The thing I liked about this was the bacon, tomato and the pesto as they gave a contrast of texture and flavours from the saltiness of the bacon to the fresh sweet tomatoes and the aromatic pesto. The down side was that the corn fritters were quite mushy and soft and just broke down as we tried to pick it up with our forks. Together with the avocado and mascarpone it just all mushed and tasted the same. It would have been better if they put freshed avocado so it would be a more obvious existent in the dish and I really hoped for a larger piece of lime so I could squeeze more juice to give it a bit more acidity to it because the the "lime mascarpone" was also non existent amongst everything mixed together.

Beetroot and Spinach Salad topped with honey gorgonzola bruschetta with crispy bacon, apple, walnuts and a honey and mustard dressing.

The salad honestly was a little underwhelming. I found the cheese on the bruschetta too strong for my liking, however that is just a personal preference. On first taste the salad was very sweet from the dressing, we could see some mustard seeds but the flavour was not obvious and overpowered by too much honey. On the contrary the beetroot was very sour, very very sour.

Overall the food was so-so. Considering Chez Dee is a cafe and "gourmet grocer" it was very disappointing that they didn't use fresh avocado and instead used something that tasted like it came out of a container. We also never got our "crispy bacon" which was listed in the description for our salad. However our experience was pleasant, there is a lot more to offer on the menu than what we tried and it is definitely a great place to sit, have a drink and relax in the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the cafe.

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