Friday, June 27, 2014

Blackflower Patisserie (Haymarket, Chinatown)

Of course, it's not a complete meal without having dessert. Our next stop was Blackflower Patisserie which is on an easy to find, easy to spot location on Ultimo Road right across Paddy's market. 

Before going I have already decided that the cheeseburger macaron was a must try, the cakes however took us a little longer to decide as they all look pretty and sounded delicious. 

Cheeseburger Macaron $3.20

Let's start with the much anticipated cheeseburger macaron. I must say, this is the cutest macaron I've ever had, but also the least favourite macaron I've ever had. It's a little pricier than other quality macarons out there but I guess you're paying for the novelty of it. Taste wise it was just very sugary and sweet as the filling of the "cheese" and the "tomato" are just made from fondant and the "beef" red bean paste.

 Lust Rose mousse, lychee jelly, hazelnut feuilletine $7.50

The Lust cake was my favourite of the day as I'm a little bias towards rose flavoured sweets and the combination of rose and lychee is a match made in heaven. This cake was a combination of flavours and textures which is not too sweet and not too heavy. The frosty pink outside is actually white chocolate and cracks as you dig your spoon into it. Encased in this thin white chocolate case is the airy mousse with a layer of soft jelly between, as for the hazelnut feuilletine base? Fat Friday loved it. It was light, crispy and deliciously hazelnutty. 

OMG Salted caramel, chocolate mousse, caramel jelly, brownie base $7.50

Lastly OMG, this one was a lot richer compared to Lust and the texture was thicker and heavier. On top of the brownie base is the also airy chocolate mousse with the slightly gummy caramel jelly centre, this was all encased with the salted caramel mousse (?), the texture of this was a lot different to the usual mousse which is light, airy, and whipped, on the contrary it was a little stickier and heavier, however this did not compromise the taste, which reminded me of honey comb with a hint of saltiness. This is finished off with a sticky and glossy layer of chocolate ganache decorated with tempered chocolate and gold dusted peanuts. 

Overall a wonderful experience and great tasting cakes, will definitely be back to try more :)

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