Saturday, April 20, 2013

Japan: Lai Shiang Song Shu-ka

Greetings from Japan~!

It has already been six months since I've been in Japan and it's about time I made my first food post, never too late to start! And I hope I will come across more food adventures while I'm here. Even though I am in Japan my first post will be on Chinese food :P since I recently made a trip to the famous Yokohama Chinatown.


Located 40-50 minutes from Shibuya this is probably the largest and closest Chinatown you can find near central Tokyo. With typical Chinese gates, pandas in every suveniour shop and busy streets full of self claimed best pork buns it gives the cliche image of a Chinatown built for tourist and foreigners. Before heading off to Chinatown I have made up my mind to have canto style dimsum, (I've realized when I came here that unlike Australia they do not have Chinese yumcha restaurants) but unlike me my friend coming from a more northern part of China does not fancy dimsum and insisted on having spicy Dan Dan noodles, luckily we stumbled across Lai Shiang Song Shu-ka which offered Dan Dan noodles at a cheap and affordable ¥600 as well as a variety of dimsums to satisfy us both. On top of that the menu also offers a range of mains, sides as well as set courses that are more on the expensive side. Firstly we started off with my favourite, prawn dumplings! Which is a must order for me everytime we have dim sum, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it and by the time I remembered it was all gone ><" (so typical of me to dig right into the food lol) But it's ok! It looks exactly the same as prawn dumplings everywhere so you can always use your imagination~! :P

Let us move on to the chicken feet!


I'm sure a lot of people out there are a bit squirmish about chicken feet but if you're brave enough please give it a go! It is actually very nice :)



Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, the quality of this one was really good, unlike some, the ingredients of the stuff inside were very clear, at some places the insides are a bit mushy and saucy (not that I don't like it), the down side was that the rice was a little hard.


Dan Dan noodles, though the soup was on the salty side it was a good balance of chilli and everything else they put in it :P There wasn't much meat in it but considering it was 600 yen, it was still pretty worth it. Overall it was a pleasant experience, apart from the fact that they don't have trollies :( (Just doesn't feel the same without trollies), taste and price of dim sum was similar to Australia.

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  1. You go to Japan to eat Chinese food?!?!
    Hehe jks jks, I can't expect u to have Jap food every day :)

    The food looks good! And I've never had Dan Dan noodles before, should put it on my long To-Eat List ;)

    And yumcha without trolleys?! Tsk tsk :P