Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zozo Korean Restaurant, Sydney CBD

Next stop, Zozo korean restaurant! :)
After going through the menu again and again (since we are so indecisive) we decided on a $45 set lunch consisting of fire chilli chicken, seafood pancake and rice soup. And like all korean restaurants our meal came with small plates of kimchi and other side dishes.

Banchan (Kimchi, bean sprout and salad)

The main dish of our meal was of course the big plate of fire chilli chicken which came out sizzling and smelling delicious. If you like spicy food then this is the dish for you because it is HOT! After only a few bites my eyes were already watery. Along with large pieces of yummy chicken there were also the chewy rice cakes and crunchy peanuts which was also delicious covered in the hot red chilli sauce. But the down side of it was while eating we found a small piece of a dish scourer/mesh/scrub with silver aluminium twirly bits amongst the chicken! which is very unacceptable >:( With our chicken we had the pancake which was tasty (even though there wasn't much seafood... I only remember squid/calamari) and gave us a break from the chilli-ness.

Fire chilli chicken

Seafood pancake

The last dish we decided to try was the rice soup (which was not exactly what we were expecting). This "rice soup" is called nurunji/nooroongji/누룽지 in Korean and is made from the crispy layer of rice formed at the bottom of the pan, which is then boiled in water. I heard that it is a very yummy dish but this one just tasted like burnt rice water so we didn't really end up eating it much...

Rice soup

Overall the meal was average and customer service wasn't great, we ordered tea but it never came! (they didn't charge us for it so I don't think they even remember us ordering tea) Also the prices were a bit expensive for such standard food.


Zozo Korean Restaurant
91-95 Liverpool Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02) 9267 8040

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