Monday, March 7, 2011

Capital Grill, Circular Quay

And so another birthday arrives...

and with it an excuse to eat out also arrives!

So that is what brought us to Capital Grill, a very chic and relatively new dining establishment in Circular Quay.
As soon as we arrive we were dazzled by the intimate but classy setting and fantastic service...

BUT it was of course, the food (albeit slight overpriced and a little slow to come out) that impressed us the most. Capital Grill put the best of Modern Australian cuisine on show for us. It invigorated our taste buds and proved to be a wonderful birthday treat.

The linguini marinara ($19). Where do I start....
Well, the seafood was unbelievably fresh. And each component of the dish was cooked to perfection. A hint of garlic lingered delicately around each strand of pasta, effectively tying this dish together without being overpowering or distracting from the flavour of the seafood.
However there was a down side... two mussels, one scallop, one prawn and a couple of pieces of salmon was simply not enough seafood for the price of this dish.

Salmon Burger with caper aioli ($23).

Risotto, mushroom medley and truffle oil ($18)

Teriyaki grilled salmon with dashi broth and asparagus ($28)

Wagyu Beef Burger ($23)

Grilled snapper with roasted cherry tomato and tomato goner broth ($30)

Wagyu sirloin steak (marble score 5+) with potato mash, port jus and mushroom ragout ($25)
What can I say... it was yummy ^_^
I rarely order steak dishes when I go to restaurants and this is one of the few that I enjoyed.
This piece of steak was served on a large serving of soft creamy potato mash that was most certainly filling. The only thing I was disappointed with was that I asked for the meat to be cooked medium but it came out welldone. Despite it being cooked longer than I wanted the steak was still tender and delicious :) and it worked well with the mushrooms and sweet port jus.

Clearly the above wasn't enough.... so we proceeded to order everything on the dessert menu.

Peanut butter ice cream with butterscotch sauce and burnt butter toast ($14)

Lime Cheese Cake with mixed berry compote and ginger toasted walnuts ($14)

Flourless Chocolate Fondant with summer berry reisling and sweet marscapone ($14)

MANGO MARTINI fresh mango and grapefruit, pomegranate frozen vodka liqueur ($17)

CREME BRULEE with valencia orange lime granita ($14)

The desserts were divine, to die for, sinful, refreshing.... we could just go on and on. The waiters brought out all the deserts at once and spread them across the table, placing the chocolate fondant with a candle in front of the birthday girl. We sang happy birthday as our mouths watered and then followed it by constantly shuffling around each desert so that everyone could dig in deep and retrieve a big spoonful of deliciousness. The peanut butter ice cream was well balanced as it's salty nuttiness complemented the sweet butterscotch. The creamy richness and of the the lime cheesecake and the tartness of the compote left us wanting more. The chocolate fondant had the most gooey and dense chocolaty centre. The mango martini offered a refreshing change from the richer, more decadent desserts. It brought a refreshing burst of flavour to our palettes. And the creme brulee... well, when it cracked through the top, we were greeted with the most creamy and strongly vanilla flavoured custard.

Well this dining experience eventually came to an end and we were glad to see that Capital Grill left our birthday girl very satisfied.


Capital Grill and Bar
Shop 600, 1 Macquarie Place, Circular Quay NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9247 4445

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  1. ooh, i see my fish dish! (hey that rhymes :P)

    heheh and DESSERT WAS HEAVENLY <3