Friday, February 6, 2015

Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore

Three words. Raw vegan cakes. That's what drew us to this popular vegan cafe in Enmore, after our breakfast at the nearby Cuckoo Callay in Newtown. I had previously been to Sadhana Kitchen a few months back and tried their superbowl salad and banana french toast, but our focus this time was purely on the cakes. I had noticed their impressive cake cabinet last time, but had no idea they were raw cakes until someone told me. So what did these curious, raw and vegan cakes taste like?? 

I'll start off with my favourite, the Banoffee cheesecake. This was all kinds of delicious, it wasn't too sweet and delivered a punch of great banana flavour and vanilla and coconut-y creaminess. It was a solid cake with a smooth texture and nice crumbly base. I could eat one another one of these, all by myself. Also, yay for photogenic plating and swirly vegan chocolate sauce! 

Banoffee cheesecake ($12)

Next is the Snickers cheesecake. I am no expert, but something about vegan chocolate tastes different! Maybe it's just me but I taste a hint of sourness or something in the chocolate. Overall, it's not a bad cake, but it is very very rich though. Pretty high on the sweetness scale too, and that's coming from someone with a major sweet tooth. I actually really enjoyed tasting this cake, but if I had to eat more than a few spoonfuls of it, I would have difficulty finishing it because it's that rich and dense. I recommend sharing this cake, unless you are major chocoholic and cannot fathom the thought of sharing your chocolate cake with anyone else, then by all means, enjoy your slice of vegan chocolate heaven. 

Snickers cheesecake ($12)

Lastly, the carrot cake. Sorry, I need to emphasise, RAW carrot cake. Yes, I know the cakes here are all raw, but the raw pieces of carrot in this cake were quite ... I don't know, off-putting. It was bitter and had that strong, distinct raw carrot taste which is fine in salads, but in cakes ... it just didn't work for me. Actually, for the other two cakes, it was quite hard to tell they were raw, but this cake, oh boy, it definitely tasted uncooked. Some of the other Fat Fridayers felt it could be a good palate-cleanser because it had that refreshingness to it, but I guess that is up to the individual. Sorry, not for me. I would rather cleanse my palate with some fruits. Or a soft serve. Ahhhh I really need a soft serve machine. 

Raw carrot cake ($12)

I should mention the price of the cakes. They were prettttttttttttty expensive for a slice of cake. We chose to eat in, not sure if that affected the price (there were no prices on the cakes in the cabinet when we went). I was a bit surprised, because from what I remember, the price of the other food at Sadhana Kitchen were pretty standard/reasonable. Maybe the vegan ingredients for the cakes cost more? Service-wise, well it is partly self-serve, since you need to find your own table and order and pay at the counter. Then they bring the food out to you. Anyway, it was nice to try something different though. I don't have much experience with vegan cafes and I love love my meat, but it's nice to know that vegan food (cakes in particular) can be pretty tasty!

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