Friday, August 2, 2013

Jamie's Italian, Sydney CBD

So it's our 3rd time dining here at Jamie's, and I guess that in itself says something. (For our 2nd experience, click here). The food has been consistently good, and the prices are reasonable if you go here for a special occasion (otherwise, I don't really think the price and wait is thaaat worth it). On this occasion, which was around noon, we waited about 30 minutes, after which we were taken to a table upstairs. Now, after being here 3 times and being seated at 3 different locations (upstairs, downstairs near the bar area and walkway, and downstairs towards the back near the kitchen), I'd say upstairs is the worst location - dark, noisy and quite cramped. I hate having to shout at the people on my table in order to be heard, and it was also more difficult to get a waiters' attention whilst upstairs. Service-wise, some waiters were more friendly and helpful than others, so it wasn't all good or all bad, but I guess it could be improved.


I really enjoyed this dish - the presentation looks great, and the addition of pear into the salad actually worked well, as it complimented the salad with a soft chunky texture and sweet juicy taste. And maybe because I don't eat prosciutto that often, so it tasted pretty special (its texture reminded me of smoked salmon, but with a porky taste).

Ahem, sorry about the bad photo angle ~ normally I'd put the spoon at the back, but I was simply too hungry to turn the plate around, because I just wanted to get the photo over and done with (I'm a hungry hobo, okay?? :P). This dish was like a pasta classic - a fine mix of tomato, garlic and herbs, which was served with tuna and breadcrumbs (in the spoon). A pretty safe choice which was simple, delicious and satisfying.

This one was pretty interesting; arranged in a honeycomb shape, with each cell having one of three possible fillings, which were aubergine and sun-dried tomato or pumpkin or ricotta & spinach.The cells were covered in a pasta layer which I felt was akin to the pasta they use in lasagne, and overall, it was nice but quite dense and filling (I couldn't eat more than two cells, as they were very generous with the pasta and cheese).

Squid ink spaghetti! I liked it more for the novelty than for its taste, not that it was bad, but the taste was a bit so-so to me. It had kind of a salty taste to it, and aside from the unusual black colour, it didn't really taste that special to me. 

Drinks-wise, I recommend the chinotto, which is Italian coke (forgot to take a picture this time). It comes in a can and you're given a glass with ice and a lemon slice, and was first recommended to me by a very friendly and charismatic waiter who served us on our first visit, about 2 years ago. 

Okay, so to wrap up, overall I felt my experience at Jamie's this time could've been better, but it wasn't enough to turn me off from coming back here again. Food was quite good as usual (some dishes I liked more than others). Definitely try to come a bit earlier or later to avoid the long wait during the peak hours if possible :)


Jamie's Italian
107 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW
Ph: 02 8240 9000

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