Thursday, September 27, 2012

LNC Dessert House, Sydney CBD

Just a quick post about the dessert that me and JL had at LNC Dessert House :)
So this place is located next door to Takeru Japanese restaurant, and the decor of the place is nothing fancy - a simple glass wall to one side (facing a quiet laneway) and furniture made of hard plastic and in a bright red colour.

They had quite an extensive menu with a variety of Asian desserts, as well as some generic western ones, like sundaes, or fruit/ice-cream combinations.  We settled on a more Asian dessert that sounded interesting (honeydew "snowflake") and looked cool in the menu photo.

Honeydew snowflake with durian ice-cream (~$7? Can't remember the exact price)
Hehe, I love a dessert with a "wow" factor to it - doesn't it look awesome? Like a fruit explosion if you ask me. Taste-wise, well, the fruits tasted like fruit (duh!) ... refreshing, sweet, good but nothing special.
The honeydew snowflakes however, were pretty special! I'm writing this post in 2013, and nowadays, snow-ice desserts are more common, but back then, in 2012, they weren't that common in Australia, and it was my first time tasting it and I've never had anything like it.
The shaved ice had a sweet, condensed milk taste to it, as well as a refreshing honeydew flavour, and it just melted as soon as you put it in your mouth. It made me think of gelato, but "fluffier" because it wasn't all in a block, but rather the shaved ice maintained its individual strips/texture. It was more creamy/milky than it was icy, and the scoop of durian ice-cream on top was delicious too (with small pieces of durian fruit mixed in it).


LNC Dessert House
Shop 12, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9283 3823

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