Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney CBD

Tucked inside the Regent Place arcade on George St, this little Japanese cafe offers a quiet and peaceful haven for one to sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious assortment of cakes.

(Clockwise from left): Vienna coffee, strawberry layered cake,  green tea latte, froyo, chiffon cake.

My first Vienna coffee experience was in this very cafe, and I admit, I was initially drawn to this coffee because of the wonderful serving of whipped cream on top of the coffee (sadly not captured in this photo). The coffee itself was quite strong but the cream helped to offset the bitter coffee taste.

The chocolate chiffon cake was an absolute delight to consume. The cafe offers chiffon cakes in many flavours, including Earl Grey, Black Sesame etc. However, strangely enough I did not pick my cake based on flavour, but on which one was the tallest (because tallest = fluffiest in my book :P) and fluffy it was! I love the incredible softness and lightness of the cake, something which I know takes skill and experience to achieve (having attempted to make chiffon cakes myself). The outside crust was slightly dry but the inside was lightly moist and embedded with flavour - I could eat multiple slices if I had the money because it's so light that it doesn't feel like you're eating TOO much!

I can't comment much on the other items in the photo, except that they definitely looked good, and satisfied their respective consumer as well :-)


Azuma Cafe & Patisserie 
Old location: Ground Floor Regent Place Shopping, 501 George St. Sydney 2000 NSW
New location: 580 George Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9267 7701

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