Tuesday, December 20, 2011

French Riviera, Darling Harbour

Originally opened in Double Bay, this amazing ice cream parlour has now spread across Sydney franchising a cute, little store on Liverpool Street near Darling Harbour. Their most famous order is the Gastronomic Surprise which comes in three different sizes. It’s basically ice cream served in a huge glassed toppled with…more ice cream! Perfect for a hot Summer’s day! Other specialties on their menu include crepes, pancakes, waffles and shakes.
We were lucky to be strolling past the parlour this sweltering hot afternoon. Though our bellies were already filled with rice and noodles from our delicious Thai lunch at Chat Thai (a review will follow!), there is always room for ice cream and dessert!
After spending a very long time examining the extensive menu, not knowing what to order, we decided to get the Peche Melba ($15), the Double Bay ($15), and the TimTam shake.
Peche Melba - peach syrup, vanilla, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and crunchy nuts.
The juicy peaches complemented well with the rich ice cream and whipped cream. The nuts added just a bit of crunchiness to the soft, creamy texture. Deliciouuus!

Double Bay - fresh pineapple, banana, sorbet, orange cognac and whipped cream
This bowl of delight is a must-try for all those sorbet lovers out there! The lemon sorbet was definitely a favourite, with a zesty tang, it will surely refresh and invigorate your tastebuds.

Tim Tam Shake
Words aren’t really necessary to describe how we felt about this drink. Just check out the smile on my face!
French Riviera - a must-try for all ice cream lovers, young or old!

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